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Masiero Lighting

Traditional Italian brand synonymous with crystal glass lamps enters a new phase, reconciling past and present.


It created a new contemporary line produced in different materials, going beyond crystal and it also incorporated RGB LED technology and automation systems into its classic crystal lines.


Masiero has 6 lines:

- Atelier  Maria Teresa / Impero & Deco -  chandeliers, pendants, sconces, lampshades and classic spots in Italian crystal and Swarovski.

- Atelier Brass & Glass - delicate lamps and lampshades in handcrafted Italian glass and polished brass in art-noveau and art-deco style.

- Atelier Programs - modular systems for creating luminous sculptures in various proportions, including the award-winning Raqam line.

- Atelier Chandeliers - chandeliers, pendants, lampshades and sconces in an eclectic style, reinterpretations of classic styles.

- Dimore - the latest line of contemporary luminaires with an irresistible color palette and finishes.

- Drylight - a daring outdoor line, resistant to rain, wind, snow and dust, which reinterprets Maria Teresa chandeliers.